Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Some drawings of my collection.

I just leave you here the drawings I prefer from mines, most of them are just trials, I did never draw or paint something serious or big.
So, enjoy them!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Van Gogh's inspiration. Sun flowers.

Walking around sunflower's fields.


Close up to the head.

Wat zou het leven zijn als wij de moed niet hadden iets te wagen? -Vincent Van Gogh-

Be bigger, be higher.

 Bee's manna.

3D trials.

Researching about the 3D technology I found out a method of seeing in "3D" without using speciall glasses or any instrument. We must focus in a point between the screen and us, making the pictures to build together the 3D image. Try it!

Craps bet.

Cards bet.

Some Macro photography.

Here are some pictures of my library taken in Macro mode.


Farm reflection.


Arbeitslager. Workcamp.


One long secondary school year.

Spying the colosseum.

They not allways get in the point.

Hit it!


Kitchen Colours. Braun.





Kitchen colours. Violet.

Big soja beans.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Total lunar eclipse.
It is exhiting to see, and actually also feel, these natural events. It is wonderfull to imagine (and see) the moon, and the earth in movement.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Cristofer Rybner